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The talented trainer thinks that he is successful because he never set out to make money reported Mirror. Though, the cash he earns through his work is certainly good but his core aim remains to help people change their lives. He is also very proud of his success and names himself as an example of the fact that if you have a good idea and believe in it, you will attain success too. Another secret of his success is that he leads by example. Joe practices what he preaches and all his efforts are highly visible to the public eye.

The bonafide celebrity has designed a 90-day plan for fitness. As a part of the plan, you need to workout 4 times every week. All the workouts he suggests can be done at home and within 50 minutes. He also says that the exercises will be strenuous. The plan has different 1-month cycles having variety of exercises and recipes. The diet in the plan is also defined. You need to have three meals and two snacks in a day. All the meals would be decided as per your weight, height and fitness levels.

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